Training in English

Ideal for international companies with a wide variety of backgrounds

We would like to make it possible that everybody who works in the Netherlands, is able to participate in a training. Since English is an important language in several companies, most of our trainers can speak excellent English (Cambridge Trained).

We have had (and still have) several training courses at International companies. We know what to consider when it comes to cultural differences or expressions in a native language.

Training in English

The benifits

  • Choice of over 20 Trainings
  • We use our experience with other international organizations
  • Customized advice
  • We know what to do with cultural differences
  • One contactperson
  • Clear appointments and fast service
  • An expert sparring partner
  • Your wishes and objectives first
  • Inspiring trainers

International company?

Are you an international company and looking for a good qualitative incompany training? We offer more than 20 trainings in the field of leadership, communication, personal effectiveness, team building, commerce and creativity.

Feel free to contact us to find out what we can provide in English. We would like to discover the possibilities with you.

Interested in a training in English?

Are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact us!

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